Your red box needs you!


The Lord of the Manor of Godney, who lives in the USA, has made a donation to the council to help with the upkeep and management  of the box!



red phone box and houses

In 2009 the phone box was purchased as part of our parish heritage.  

  • The box is in need of  some restoration and repainting.  

  • The box is used as a noticeboard by the parish council,

  • There are a few books in the library but it is not well supplied or used, and the local children use it as a bus shelter when it rains.  

  • The wooden door needs the bottom replacing and there is a broken glass window.  The whole unit needs repainting.  

Is there anyone willing to help or get a small group together to restore this please?  

If you can help please contact Denise Boulton, the Clerk, on 01749 670938 or  

Materials will be supplied.