Godney Parish Council                                
Funding Guidance Notes

What is Parish Funding?                                

  • Wookey Parish Council will consider financial grants to provide financial support for projects/activities benefiting the residents of the hamlets and villages of Bleadney, Castle, Henton, Yarley, Wookey and Worth                              
  • Only One application will normally be considered from any organisation or individual in each financial year.  Retrospective applications will not normally be considered.                     

Who Can Apply?                                

  • Applications are welcome from groups/organisations offering a service/facility for the benefit of the residents.
  • Applicants would be required to show :                                
    • The group has its own bank account (with two authorised signatories)                                
    • It is properly constituted or has a set of rules                                
    • It has up-to-date accounts                                

When you can apply?                                

  • The Council would normally consider all such applications at its December Council Meeting.

What happens next?                                

  • If your application is successful you will receive a letter advising you of the amount to be granted.  
  • If you are unable to use the grant for the purpose intended within 1 year then we will withdraw the offer or ask for the grant to be returned.                                                             

Monitoring and Evaluation                                

  • The Parish Council requires an End of Grant Form to be submitted with proof of expenditure.

Need more information?                                

  • The grant application form is below
  • Please contact the Clerk on 01749 670938 or