Policies and Statutory Information

Policy documents explain how the parish council goes about its business and ensures that it treats all its decision-making is wise and everyone who comes into contact with the council is treated fairly.

Statutory Information is information every parish council is required to publish by law.

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Riparian Duties 

Advice provided by the Environment Agency about caring for our waterways

(added 27 Nov 18)

Standing orders 

These are the written rules of a local council.  Councillors use them to make sure they carry out their work to a high standard, spend money wisely, and hold proper meetings. 

Statement of Internal Control

An annual statement in which the Council explains how it ensures it is financially sound and whether there have been any issues in the previous year.

Model publication scheme 

This lists all the information available from Godney Parish Council.  There is a fee payable of 10p per sheet for hardcopies of some of the items.

Information Security Policy

This policy explains how the Parish Council maintains the security and confidentiality of information it holds.

Freedom of Information

The Freedom of Information Act places a duty on the council to publish statutory information  and the right to access to their information for individuals. This document explains briefly how the Act works.

Social Media Policy

This policy helps councillors to make wise decisions about the use of social media such as emails and social networking sites.  The council encourages the use of social media for information about services, supporting local democracy, building the community and village life, and promoting culture and tourism.

Financial Regulations

These financial regulations govern the conduct of financial management by the council. The council is responsible for ensuring its financial management is adequate and effective and there are sound internal controls.

Grievance Policy

The Council recognises its duties as an employer. This policy explains how it will dealt fairly with any employee who is aggrieved about how the council has managed their employment.

Disciplinary procedure

This procedure is designed to help and encourage employees to maintain standards of conduct and job performance. The aim is to ensure consistent and fair treatment for the individual. 

Delegated powers

Sometimes the council is called upon to make decision and act urgently. Ther eis no time to call a full council meeting. This policy explains which decisions can be made by a smaller group of councillors and how.

Code of conduct

The Code of Conduct aims to promote and maintain high standards of behaviour by councillors whenever they are acting as a presentative of the council.  The code is based on principles of selflessness, integrity, objectivity, accountability, openness, honesty, and leadership.

Complaints procedure

If and when a complaint is made about the County Council, this document explains how the complaint will be handled fairly and effectively.  It does not cover complaints about Members of the Parish Council which should be made through the district council.

Data Protection Certificate

Confirmation from the Information Commissioner;s Office that the Parish Council has duly registered with it.