Village news

Would you or someone you know like to write something about the Village?

If it meets our editorial guidelines we will publish it here.

Children's accounts are welcome too: long or short!

Possible themes

  • Unusual events and happenings
  • WIldlife stories
  • Village characters past and present
  • A day in Godney
  • HIstorical accounts 
  • Secret spaces
  • Happiest memories

You can send your story with images if you have them to Denise (

Godney playing field needs you!

You can help by

  • Offering to help with the development of the field
  • Offering to serve on the playing field committee
  • Offering your ideas on how the playing field should develop

We would welcome your ideas for facilities and new development of the playing field

Your Red Box Needs You!

The Lord of the Manor of Godney, who lives in the USA, has made a donation to the council to help with the upkeep and management  of the box!

In 2009 the phone box was purchased as part of our parish heritage.